March 8, 2012

First boxes arrive

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This blog is about a collection of over 3000 boxes.  Scheduled to be processed within 4 years, we plan to bring in 250 boxes approximately every 3 months.  The first boxes arrived at the end of December 2011.

While it may appear that this first aisle of boxes, at right, are in good condition, in fact many of the boxes were crushed, had survived a flood or use as a mouse nest at some point in the past, or were simply very, very dirty.

This was not unexpected, as we brought in boxes holding some of the oldest materials in the collection.  Below are some examples of the worst of the boxes.

Fortunately, the mouse ate mostly the cardboard, and very few of the documents.

A box held together with tape and sheer force of will.

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  1. to the team as i see you, it is wonderful to see these images of the boxes. i am using your progress as an inspiration for my own writing. there is something inspiring about the contents intact, while the cardboard has been chewed away or a box held together by tape once the integrity of the cardboard has failed. These are iconic images of the pre-digital age. in the future no one will really believe we were committed to storing information in boxes.


    Comment by dfalkmd — March 31, 2012 @ 11:23 pm

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