April 30, 2012

Off-site storage and empty shelves

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Last week, we were able to organize, barcode, and label many of the boxes that we have processed since the beginning of the project. And last Thursday, we assisted Clancy-Cullen with moving 151 boxes down to the storage dock of the Center for Jewish History, so that the boxes could be loaded onto a Patterson, New York bound truck (thanks to Susan for preventing an almost error of mentioning Paterson, New Jersey) for transport to climate controlled off-site storage.

I had a little bit of experience barcoding archival material, as I worked on the barcoding of the American Jewish Congress Collection, and was able to develop (along with my UJA-Federation of New York project colleagues) what I hope will be an efficient workflow for barcoding and labeling archival boxes in the future.

We were able to free up space for another 189 boxes–which, humorously, as a multiple of the 7 spaces available in each column, does not round up to space for 190 boxes–with a little wiggle room for staging and/or space between new and processed boxes of the collection. We are currently selecting (hopefully) no more than another 185-189 boxes to accompany a recent delivery of roughly 90 boxes.

The shelves are bare now, but will be full again by this time next week.

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  1. The final count for incoming boxes is 191, leaving just a little less wiggle room than we wanted.


    Comment by susanwoodland — April 30, 2012 @ 2:30 pm

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