June 8, 2012

UJA-Federation of New York Oral History transcript digitization complete

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Back from the digital lab, empty file folders

Back from the digital lab, these folders were emptied and the transcripts that were temporarily placed in these folders have been returned back to their respective location with other archival material found in the Oral History Project work files (Series I, Subseries B).

This week, an important milestone in the completion of the digitization of the UJA-Federation Oral History Project was reached. The complete run of available transcripts for the oral histories, from Nathan S. Ancell to Bella Zelkin, have been digitally scanned, run through optical character recognition software, and turned into portable document format (PDF) files. The transcripts have been digitized to accompany the digitized audio files of the oral histories and, in some cases, are the only available version of interviews. Once the transcripts are available online through the Center for Jewish History Digital Collections, all of the transcripts will be fully searchable, which will make the resource even more accessible and valuable to future researchers and users.

Special thanks goes to Gruss Lipper Digital Laboratory at the Center for Jewish History for digitizing the transcripts. Work continues to be done on creating digital surrogates of the many audio cassettes associated with the Oral History Project. We expect that aspect of the digitization project to be complete by the end of the summer.

We are tremendously proud to have the letters A (Ancell, Nathan S.) through H (Hollander, Anna) complete with audio files and transcripts available online via our finding aid for this part of the collection and at Soon (as in over this weekend), the letter H will be completed and the letters I and J will be ingested and made available online as well.

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