July 23, 2012

How to pack a box for storage

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I’m working this spring and summer with the files of some of the Executive Vice-Presidents (EVP), the top staff member at FJP and today as well at UJA-Federation.

We just brought in 320+ boxes from storage for processing, including 54 labeled as having come from the office of Sanford Solender (EVP 1970-1981), sandwiched between Maurice Hexter (EVP 1942-1967), David Salten (1967-1969) and William Kahn (1981-1986).

I found today a folder that is a pretty good example of why boxes headed for long-term storage should be packed full enough so that the folders stand upright but not so full that they don’t pull out easily.  Boxes not packed full enough suffer from the results of the law of gravity – folders sink down in the box, fall over, or as in this case, roll over to fill up the space.

Chronological File, January 1975
This is the first folder in the box, and the one most likely to roll

The documents no longer lay flat.

Edge of the folder with rolled documents

Top document in the folder

Refoldering into a new, flat folder, pressure and time should eventually straighten out these documents.

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