August 30, 2012

Basic filing tips

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Many of the filing problems we are encountering are no longer likely to happen in an office, because we finally seem to be creating fewer paper files.  But just in case you do find yourself filing, or packing files in boxes for long-term storage, please remember the following tips, all of which will make the life of the archivist a little bit easier:

1. Have we mentioned this before?  Don’t use rubber bands.

Remains of an extra rubber band:

This discoloration may be better than causing the paper to roll


Remains of a dried out rubber band stuck to letter, from the Executive Vice-President’s files

And just in case the rubber band around the documents themselves are not enough to keep the documents in place, let’s add a rubber band around the whole folder. 35 years later, not much is left of the rubber band.

2. How  many staples is enough?  I’m thinking this group of papers may have crossed over the line into the realm of “way too many staples”.

However did this happen?

Perhaps it was the weight of all that metal that pushed the clump of papers down in the folder, leaving the page at the back exposed to the acidity of the folder:

Note the 1/2″ across the bottom of the page that has badly discolored

Other tips to follow as we stumble on them.

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