February 19, 2013

Functional Groups, Part II

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Our previous blog on functional groups focused on functional group changes up until the early 1970s.  This blog post will focus on the changes to the functional groups in the 1980s.

In 1978, the Jewish Family Service (JFS) merged with the Jewish Board of Guardians (JBG) to become the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services (JBFCS).  At the time, there were only a handful of agencies under the Child Care heading, all of which became a part of a new functional group, the Family, Children, Vocational and Rehabilitation (FCVR) heading starting in the 1981-1982 fiscal year.  Because of this change, a new schematic was adopted by the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies as follows:

I. Care of Aged & Infirm

II. Medical Care

III. Family, Children, Vocational and Rehabilitation (FCVR) Services

IV. [Religious] Education

V. Community Center Activities

VI. Community Relations

VII. Camps

VIII. Subventions

Special Grants and Other Allocations.

A new functional group called Community Relations was created as a result of the creation of a subcommittee to the Distribution Committee of the same name.  The chairman of this subcommittee was Kenneth Bialkin, currently a member of the AJHS Board of Trustees.  This functional group dealt with all aspects of communal relations including community councils and communal planning.

Examples of major agencies under Community Relations include the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) of New York, National Jewish Community Relations Advisory Council (NJCRAC), and the National Conference for Soviet Jewry (NCSJ).  JCRC and NCSJ were examples of organizations that were initially special grants and subsequently became a part of the Community Relations functional group.  Other examples of agencies falling under this category are the Jewish Community Councils, of which there were about 20 agencies in the New York City area.

The letter pictured below was from Marvin Hochberg, President of the Associated Bronx Jewish Community Councils, to Mr. Bialkin.



The new scheme was used in arranging the annual agency budget files from the 1981-1982 fiscal year (FJP files) through Federation’s merger with UJA in 1987, and at least through the files for UJA-Federation’s 1988-1989 budget year, currently in-house and undergoing processing.


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