April 24, 2013

Filing Cabinet needs in FJP’s Budget Department

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Why throw anything out when you can just purchase more filing cabinets?

Filing Cabinet projections for the Budget Department, 1979

Filing Cabinet projections for the Budget Department, 1979

The problem  with buying more filing cabinets and storage units and bookcases is that it is less likely that anyone will ever need to weed the files.  Weeding the files now, as part of our project to make the collection accessible, we have found a tremendous amount of budgetary documentation in draft form that is not of permanent, archival value once the budget is finalized and published.

There’s no quick way to weed a file, of course, so some files are being weeded and others, because of the speed mandated by our minimal processing procedures, will include some of the draft documentation.

The good  thing about buying more filing cabinets is that some materials that might have been weeded out when they reached the end of their active use in the office, but were instead retained, have proven to be of value in other ways – perhaps, like the memo above, as a glimpse into the corporate culture of Federation in the last few years before the merger with UJA.  And a glimpse as well into the general American office culture of the time, when space was not the issue it is today, and growth was always expected.


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