October 9, 2013

Establishing a Records Management Program at Federation

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A memorandum, dated October 15, 1979, to Federation Board of Trustees provides additional insight into the creation of an institutional archives of UJA-Federation of New York material. In the memorandum, President Harry R. Mancher recounts recommendations made by the archival and records management consultant Colonel S. J. Pomrenze, who was retained by the Federation’s Administration Committee to survey the Federation’s records. Mancher’s proposal for the creation of a records management program included the following goals:

1.) Destroy valueless paper and reduce retained records to the minimum possible space.
2.) Establish a permanent record center at Federation where important records are easily accessible.
3.) Introduce a systematic ongoing records destruction program including standards and schedules.
4.) Develop a systematic program of record retention including criteria for what records are to be retained and how long they are to be kept.
5.) Develop a standard record keeping system for each of the Federation departments and a system for the transmittal of appropriate records to storage in record center.
6.) Establish ongoing effective management inspection and supervision of all records at Federation.

In addition to the benefits enjoyed by an institution having a well-run records management program, such as greater intellectual control over institutional records as well as ease of retrieval and access to institutional records,  Mancher was particularly concerned about issues of space in light of discussion regarding United Jewish Appeal of Greater New York, the Joint Campaign, and the Federation being housed in same building, years before the 1986 merger between United Jewish Appeal and the Federation.

Memorandum from Harry R. Mancher

From President Harry Mancher to the Federation Board of Trustees, dated October 15, 1979

It was also that concern about space, the disposition of important records, and the goals associated with the records management program that have made our project possible, in that, much of what was identified, listed by file folder, and retained as part of the Federation records management program is (or will be) archival processed, described, and (in the near future) made available to researchers.


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