January 31, 2014

Unprecedented grant to Hebrew Day Schools, 1968

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According to a Federation (FJP) press release dated December 19, 1968, FJP “appropriated emergency grants of up to $200,000 to aid three Hebrew Day Schools [that had been] recently vandalized and burned.”  The grants made it possible for the schools, which together enrolled 1850 children, “to resume their full educational activities” quickly, and to begin the process of “rebuilding, repairing or renovating the destroyed or damaged facilities.”

According to FJP President Samuel J. (“Buddy”) Silberman, “In their hour of crisis, they have turned to Federation for assistance”.  He also pointed out that “none of [the three] institutions [was] a member agency of Federation.” This action on behalf of Federation was unprecedented because it marked “the first time in the 51-year history of Federation that a non-member agency has received a financial grant.”  Nonetheless, the Board of Trustees of Federation unanimously approved the distribution of funds.

Yeshiva fire,

Yeshiva fire, 1968

The file on the fires and grants was found in the papers of Rabbi Isaac N. Trainin, who for many decades headed the Commission on Synagogue Relations, which served as the link between Federation and the synagogue and Hebrew day school community.  Rabbi Trainin’s files can be found in the Religious Affairs Department subseries.


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