May 23, 2014

Jewish Education’s Tape Dispenser

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I recently processed 4 boxes of files from the office of Rabbi Hyman Chanover, who worked in the Jewish Education Department of FJP.  The files extend from about 1957 to 1970, although we haven’t yet pinpointed exactly which years he worked there; he may have inherited the older files from a predecessor.

Originally, as was the case with most Federation departments, Jewish Education began as a Committee.  As the professional who worked with the lay leaders on this committee, Rabbi Chanover became involved with FJP’s Distribution Committee and  how funds were distributed to agencies with Jewish Education programs; with the Functional Committee, to which the committee proposed forming a central educational agency to do planning and curriculum work on behalf of the Federation agencies with Jewish Education components.

It appears that when his files were sent to off-site storage, the person packing them overzealously included some of the items from Rabbi Chanover’s desk, including a 12″ wooden ruler (made by Westcott in the U.S.A.), a package of KO-REC-TYPE (no more erasing! Corrects originals* in half the time [*use KO-REC-COPY to correct carbon copies] copyright 1966 by Eaton Allen Corp. on Kent Avenue in Brooklyn), an envelope filled with rubber bands (which seem to still have some stretch left in them after more than 40 years) and a lovely salmon-colored tape dispenser, vintage 1960s, with the tape still intact but dried up and hardened into the dispenser.

Rabbi Chanover's tape dispenser, circa 1970s

Rabbi Chanover’s tape dispenser, circa 1970s

Here is a close-up of the hardened tape:

Hardened tape

Hardened tape

When I compared it with the tape dispenser on my own desk, I found it was a lot heavier (1 pound 14 ounces), vs 1 pound 2 ounces.  It conjures up the era during which Rabbi Chanover worked at Federation.

Before we send these boxes off to storage, we will have learned enough to write a brief historical note about Rabbi Chanover’s contribution to Federation’s Jewish Education work, which in the 1970s was poised to receive a greater percentage of Federation funds as Jewish Education programs grew in importance among Federation’s leadership.


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